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About Pam

My journey

My personal journey:

I'm a healthy, happy woman in my 60's. I've been married nearly 20 years to an amazing husband. I have an awesome son & daughter-in-law and and daughter & son-in-law. Between the two couples I have been blessed with 9 grand-kids. 4 of which are biological, 3 adopted and 2 step. I also have 2 adorable dogs! All of these relationships make it very important to be healthy and at my best each day, to enjoy these many blessings.

I have always been a very active person who loves being outside, where I tend to be my happiest. I enjoy cycling, walking and just sitting on our porch reading or visiting with family, friends and neighbors. These lifestyle priorities make me passionate about exercise and health. 

My professional journey:

I started out doing accounting when I was in my early 20's. I've never been good at sitting for long periods of time, so I spent my lunch exercising at a local gym, and have never stopped. I quit my accounting job to stay home and raise my kids. During this time my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which she never fully recovered from. I helped take care of her for nine years, starting when my kids were a newborn and 2 years old. This is when I learned, fisthand, of the effects of stress on your health, which totally changed the course of my life.

With the stress in my life, I developed chronic neck and shoulder pain, this started my career in health and wellness.  I embarked on a 22 year career as a massage therapist, which I finally retired from, with the stay at home orders of Covid-19.  From the years of massage therapy I developed chronic back problems, which led me to Essentrics, an amazing exercise program that I love, where I am now a level 4 instructor (the highest level).

Two years ago I was diagnosed with heart disease and had an artery which was 30% clogged. I was shocked because I exercise regularly and am at a healthy weight. The only thing left was to change my diet, which I did. Because of my diet change and healthy lifestyle, my blood work looks like it did in my 30's and the artery is now clear.  Another life event that moved me deeply was that my sister was diagnosed with stage 3 uterine cancer. She completed a year of intense chemotherapy and radiation. I was surprised and disappointed that her treatment didn't include health and wellness so essential to recovery, long term wellness and increased survival rates. Because of my heart disease and her cancer I felt a strong yearning to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  


I love my life, family, relationships and health. These give me such a passion for this field and I love working with and helping people. This is my heartfelt story on why you should choose to work with me!  

Pam Moore

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