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Essentrics with Pam

My name is Pam Moore. Because of Essentrics®, I feel like I'm in the best physical shape of my life! While most people notice a decrease in their physical abilities as they age, I'm still increasing. I'm strong, flexible, have a high level of energy and the list goes on and on. 

For the past 22 years, until retiring, I have worked as a massage therapist, treating clients with a variety of physical needs.  Many of my clients live with on-going physical discomfort and pain due to accidents, injuries, and other traumatic events.  My passion has been to address the needs of these individuals, with an eye on their personal needs and challenges. Each individual is different, so my approach has been equally individualized in nature. The one thing that helps them above massage is Essentrics®. This is where my passion for Essentrics® grew, and why I became a certified level 4 (the highest level) instructor.


My background and training in human anatomy and physiology, gained in my training and education as a massage therapist, provides me with a solid foundation, which I've applied to my Essentrics® class.   


What excites me so much about the Essentrics® program, is how it skillfully matches strength and stretching to provide an experience which each and every person can gain from.  No matter the person's body type, size, physical stamina, etc., Essentrics® is an avenue for people to find fitness and wellness, and dramatically better their quality of life.

Pam Moore - Esscentrics
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I love physical activity and many forms of exercise. I have a strong desire to stay physically and mentally healthy as I age. I added Essentrics® to my exercise routine about eight years ago. Out of everything else I do on a regular basis (cycling, weight training & other cardio. workouts) Essentrics® is by far the most beneficial and fun!! I honestly feel there isn't a better program on the market.

I hope you will consider joining us, as you look to find the quality of life that we all desire.


I am also a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. This has allowed me to take my health career a step further, working with clients health, which is above and beyond exercise, but includes it. There are many contributing factors for our every day health.


Please contact me for a free consultation

Improve Your Health Improve Your Life

Class Schedule: 


Monday, Wednesday & Fridays @ 8:30am-9:30am


Northglenn Recreation Center

11801 Community Center Dr.

Northglenn, CO 80233

3 ways to Register:

Call: 303-450-8800

Front Desk

On Line

       Type in Essentrics or Class Code: 80401013-01

  • What is a Holistic Health Coach?
    A Certified Holistic Health coach is made up of two certifications, Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Certified Holistic Nutritionist. My goal is to educate and work alongside my clients, to help reach and sustain their optimum health. The Health and Wellness approach to health emphasizes prevention of disease and injury, self-responsibility for nutrition, exercise and other aspects of lifestyle that promotes wellness. A Holistic Nutritionist guides a client toward a healthy nutritional lifestyle by meeting nutritional needs and solving problems that are barriers to change.
  • Why work with a health coach?
    Studies have shown that long term lifestyle changes are 80% more likely to be reached when working with a Certified Health Coach. Coaching inspires, empowers, encourages, supports, and enables people to find their own answers on their path of making important lifestyle choices.
  • What are the benefits of individual coaching?
    One on one coaching is beneficial in many aspects. A client may feel free to discuss, with a trusted coach, subjects they would not be comfortable discussing in a group setting. All goals, plans and discussed subjects will be based solely on their needs.
  • What are benefits of group coaching?
    Emotional support: A group can help a client feel they are not alone in dealing with their lifestyle concerns. You can share your experiences with others, which can provide emotional support. Group problem solving: Participants can motivate each other by sharing coping strategies and problem-solving together. Modeling effect: A participant can learn by observing the accomplishments of others. When you experience the success of others, you may feel hopeful for yourself.
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